Cable branch box cable cross mass to build island “power accelerator”

Under the cross sea bridge connecting Beilun District of Ningbo and Meishan Island bonded area, six “electric silver snakes” meanders along the bridge and “moves forward” towards Meishan island port area. In June, with the launch of 110 kV and 7-surname transmission and transformation project, the cross sea power channel will send a continuous power supply to the port.

In 2008, the State Council approved the establishment of Ningbo Meishan bonded port area, the fifth bonded port in China after Shanghai Yangshan, Tianjin Dongjiang, Dayaowan, and Yangpu, Hainan. In the same year, the Ningbo Municipal Committee and municipal government made a decision on accelerating the construction of Meishan island.

In September, 2009, the construction of various projects known as “Meishan” speed was fully opened on the island, piling began for more than 400 mu of storage land, and the construction of more than 10 infrastructure projects started. The only 35 kV Meishan substation on the island is in short supply, so it is urgent to build electric power. Therefore, Ningbo Electric Power Bureau adheres to the principle of special affairs and implements a special power construction plan tailored for Meishan island to meet the long-term development needs of the port.

Build island “electric accelerator” by body

Special power construction means that every link from feasibility study, design to construction will be closely around the construction and development needs of the port area, and means more comprehensive, more detailed and more attentive construction and service. In early 2013, after nearly 5 years of efforts, 110 kV and 7-surname transmission and transformation project has entered the construction phase. Facing such a high-speed development Island, the protection of environment and resource conservation has become a great work of Ningbo Electric Power Bureau.

“Considering the long-term development of Meishan island port area, the overhead lines in this area are undergoing” up to down “transformation.” The project design director introduced. From the perspective of long-term development of port area, the conventional overhead lines will inevitably have an impact on the landscape of Meishan bridge portal and the future development and construction of the line through the region.

Therefore, Ningbo Electric Power Bureau plans ahead of time, on the one hand, it transforms the overhead lines in the development area to the ground; On the one hand, 110kV cable with a section of 1000mm2 is used for the laying of cross sea with great difficulty, so as to improve the “regional quality” of Meishan island by technical quality.

“In order to coordinate the development of the island and combine the load characteristics of the port area, we choose the voltage level of the distribution network of the port area to be 20 kV.” The project design director said that the power distribution station project of the seventh surname transmission and transformation on Meishan island is under construction.

Previously, in order to save the island resources and achieve the best power supply quality, Ningbo Electric Power Bureau mobilized technical forces, expanded the scope of research and increased research efforts, and fully combined with the characteristics of Meishan island “long east-west, narrow north and South”, proposed to build a 20 kV intelligent distribution network on Meishan Island, and reduce the planned 110 kV Substation in the island from 3 to 2, The route channel resources and land resources are saved to the maximum extent.

Laying the “energy artery” in the port area across the sea

In April, the transmission line project from 220kV Xianxiang ganao line t to 110 kV and 7-surname transformer entered the most critical cross sea cable laying stage of the whole project. This short distance of 1.1km, has carried out three first 110 kV cables in Ningbo: the cable laying with a section of 1000m2 is carried out for the first time, the cable construction is carried out with the cross sea bridge for the first time, and the cable expansion joint device is set according to the expansion joint of the bridge for the first time. Engineering construction has been faced with various difficulties and challenges from the beginning.

There are fast lanes on both sides of Meishan Island Bridge. The cable laying space in the middle of the bridge is very narrow. Each cable expansion device weighing 5 tons is facing the difficulty of being unable to be put in place after it reaches the construction site“ Brothers, first dismantle, and then assemble it under. ” The cable team leader, ye Xuan, shouted with a hand, and immediately disassembled one cable expansion device into easy to lift and move parts with more than 20 hands.

Crane, shoulder, several times down, in this also through the cold season, everyone has already sweat. After the parts are transported to the designated position, in order to not affect the construction at the back, the construction team members have been “cat” in a narrow space for 5 days. Like building blocks, carefully assemble all the five expansion devices.

The equipment problem has been solved, and new difficulties are coming. On April 12, in the hunting wind of Meishan Island Bridge, the cable straightener just stopped, and ye and several construction personnel discussed the construction scheme again. According to the previous work experience, the cable bending can be realized by using the difference of relative positions between the straighteners. However, after the field trial, it is found that the straightener is heavy and slow to achieve effect. Only 100 meters can be constructed every day. The cable to be laid in snake shape on the bridge is 6000 meters, which will take 60 days to complete. What should be done if the whole project is put into operation in June?

“It is important to find a way to finish the cable laying in the shortest time.” In the fierce sea breeze, everyone heard the firm voice of Ye. Ten hours, six solutions, dozens of tests, and finally, the construction scheme of using the hand block as the cable orthopedic tool was approved.

“One, two, three, get up!” 10 double green rib hands tighten the chain block along the cable diameter, and try their best to pry the 9 ton cable. Six silver “giant snakes” gradually emerged, and the simple and efficient construction also reduced the construction period to 10 days.

“Meishan island has become a new” giant ship “of southeast coast from barren and barren salt and brine land in a few years, and the key is strong power support Beilun District, sub district.

Post time: Feb-20-2023