SF6 metal closed ring network high voltage switchgear electrical cabinet Excellent Power Distribution Made In China

XGN-12 series unit type AC metal closed ring network high voltage switchgear electrical cabinet  is a fully insulated, fully sealed, and maintenance-free solid insulated vacuum switchgear. All high-voltage live parts are molded with epoxy resin material with excellent insulation performance, and the vacuum interrupter, main conductive circuit, insulating support, etc. are organically combined into a whole, and the functional units are connected by a fully insulated solid busbar. Therefore, the entire switchgear is not affected by the external environment, and the reliability of the operation of the device and the safety of the operator can be ensured. Because the product has the advantages of full insulation, full sealing, and full shielding, it is especially suitable for use in areas with high altitude, high temperature, mixed heat, severe cold, and severe pollution


HXGN□D-12(SF6)type unit AC metal closed-loop network switchgear (hereinafter referred to as ring network cabinet) is a high-voltage electrical product designed and developed by ourselves after introducing foreign leading technology and according to the requirements of domestic rural power and urban network transformation.Alltechnical performance indexes meet lEC298 and GB3906 standards.
The loop-net cabinet smain switch,the operating mechanism and the components is made ofthe ABB Corporation original piece or the SEL-12/24 switch equipment imported overseas and assembled at home We can also install the ABB Corporation original piece of HAD/US type SF according to the request ofuers.The circuit breaker or the VD4-S vacuum circuit-breakr divide into two kinds: be operated manually and electrically according to the operating mode.
The cabinet body is riveted after processed by numerical control machine tool with rellable mechanical interlocking and the
misoperating prevention function.The protection grade reaches IP3X.This product has the remarkable characteristics such as the small volume,light weizht,artistic appearance,simple operation long life,high parameter with no pollution and little maintenance.

The outline structure of the product is referred to as diagram 1 and diagram 2;the installation dimension is referred to as diagram3.This ring network type cabinet makes air as the insulating medium,mainly assembled with ZFN□-10/630 type vacuum load switch.And there are two cabinet schemes-incoming cabinet and outgoing cabinet.
1.Incoming cabinet scheme
Therc is a ZFN □-10/630 type vacum load switch on the main circuit inside the cabinet with isolaing knife,and grounding knife conditionally.v.The three of them are all installed in one machine stand and there are interlocks among them,so that it is realized to connet the operation of three working stations ofbusisolation and grounding.Inside the cabinet the components such as CT,PY are available.
2.Outgoing cabinet scheme
ZFNO-10/630 type vacum load switch,fuse with striker(used as isolating switch)and grounding knife on the main circuit inside the cabinet, and the three working stations operation can be realized.Inside the cabinet the components such as CT/PT and ZNO arrester are available, so the metering cabinet can be omittedInside the incoming cabinet and outgoing cabinet,there is insulating protecting baffle interlocked with grounding switch.And inside the cabinetsthe mechanical interlocks are adopted between each switch and baffle as well as the cabinet door with the reauirement of “five prevention” and IP2X ofthe protection degree of the cabinet enclosure.


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