GW9-10 10KV 15KV 24KV Outdoor High Voltage Isolation Switch

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GW9-10 10KV 15KV 24KV outdoor high voltage isolation switchis single-phase disconnect switch used in three-phase line system. It is in simple structure, economical and convenient in use.

This disconnect switch is mainly composed of base, post insulator, main conductive loop, and self-locking devices. It is single-phase fracture vertical opening structure, and the post insulators are installed on their bases respectively. The switch breaks and closes the circuit by a knife-switch structure, whose knife switch is composed of two pieces of conductive blades for each phase. There are compression springs on both sides of the blade, and the height of springs can be adjusted to obtain the contact pressure required by the opening knife. When the switch is opened and closed, an insulated hook rod is used to operate the mechanism part, and the knife has a self-locking device.

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Model Number GW9-10/200
Brand Name XOCELE
Product Name Outdoor high voltage isolating switch
Rated Voltage 10kV
Mechanical Life 2000 times
Rated Current 200A
Rate Frequency 50Hz
Certificate ISO9001
Supply Ability 1000 piece per month

Product parameters


Product Structural features and working principle

1. This isolating switch is a single-phase structure, and each phase is composed of a base, a ceramic insulating pillar, an inlet and outlet contact, a knife board and other parts.
2. There are compression springs on both sides of the knife plate to adjust the contact pressure, and the upper end is equipped with a fixed pull buckle and a self-locking device connected to it for opening and closing of the insulated hook.
3. This isolating switch is generally inverted, and it can also be installed vertically or inclined.
The disconnect switch opens and closes by using an insulated hook rod, and the insulated hook rod buckles the disconnect switch, pulling the hook to the opening direction. After unlocking the self-locking device, the conductive plate connected to it will rotate to realize the opening action. When closing, the insulating hook rod against the hook of the disconnect switch drives the shaft to rotate, so that the connected conductive plate rotates to the closing position and
the disconnect switch closes.
This type of disconnect switch can be installed on pillars, walls, ceilings, horizontal frames or metal frames, and can also be installed vertically or obliquely, but must assure that the contact knife is turned downward when it is opened.

Environment condition

(1) Altitude: Not more than 1500m
(2) Maximum wind speed: No more than 35m/s
(3) Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃
(4) The thickness of ice coating is not more than: 10mm
(5) Earthquake intensity: 8
(6) Pollution level: Grade IV

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