SF6 Gas Insulated High Voltage Switchgear Electrical Cabinet

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XGN-12 series fully insulated and fully enclosed ring main switchgear is the top solution for all your power distribution needs. This SF6 gas insulated metal box enclosed switchgear has several unique features and is the perfect solution for all power distribution applications.  The XGN-12 can be customized with a range of modules, from load switch units and load switch fuse combination electrical units to vacuum circuit breaker units and busbar incoming units.  The XGN-12 series also features advanced features such as overload and short circuit protection, ensuring optimum safety and performance under all operating conditions. Whether you need to distribute power for a large industrial facility or a small residential complex, the XGN-12 can meet your needs. Made of high-quality materials, the switchgear can withstand harsh environments and has a service life of more than 30 years. In addition, the XGN-12 series is designed to provide excellent efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, making it ideal for any power distribution network. Therefore, choose XGN-12 for a reliable, durable and high performance power distribution solution.

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1. Ensuring safety during operation is of utmost importance.
2. Our product is not only reliable in its operation, but also features a fully sealed design for added safety and security.
3. We offer a competitive price without compromising on the quality and performance of our product.
4. Our team is capable of providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs and specifications of your project, ensuring optimal results.

The main technical parameters

Item Unit C module load switch unit F module load switch fuse combination electric unit V breaker unit
Rated voltage Kv 12 12 12
Rated current A 630 125 630
Power frequency withstand voltage/1min Phase to ground/phase to phase 42 42 42
Fracture 48 48 48
Impulse withstand voltage Phase to ground/phase to phase KV 75 - 75
Fracture KV 85 - 85
Rated closed loop breaking current A 630 - 630
Rated cable charging breaking  current A 30 - -
Rated breaking inductive current A - -
Rated short time withstand current/3S KA 20
Rated withstand current peak KA 50 1700 50
Rated transfer current A - 2 -
Rated short circuit breaking current KA - 20
Rated short circuit making current KA 50 - -
Rated short circuit braking times - - 30
Rated short circuit closing times(load switch/grounding switch) 5/5 - -
Rated current breaking times >100 - -
Times of mechanical operations(load switch /grounding  switch) 5000/2000 5000/2000 30000

Non-extended standard modules

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