Quots for High Quality Low Voltage Dfw-12 Type Cable Branch Box &Switchgear&Electrical Junction Boxes

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JP series stainless steel distribution cabinets are excellent high-performance solutions for outdoor power distribution needs. This innovative device combines metering, outgoing and reactive power compensation to give you a fully integrated solution with cutting-edge features such as short circuit, overload and leakage protection.  Although the JP series has many functions, it is small in size, exquisite in appearance and strong in practicability. Designed for installation on the pole of an outdoor transformer, the cabinet’s cost-effectiveness and practicality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize their outdoor operations. With the JP Series you get maximum safety, maximum convenience and unrivaled efficiency.

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Structural features

◇Full insulation,fully sealed structure,full protection,full working conditions;

◇Flexible entry and exit,the actual application of the most branches and exportss of eight branches;

◇Anti frost,anti condensation;

◇With semi conductive shielding layer of silicone rubber cable connector,to ensure personal safety;

◇The realization of district multi-channel transmission;

◇The cable head is touch type.

The main technical parameters

Technical indicators Parameter
Rated voltage 10kV
Maximum operating voltage 12kV
Rated current 630A
Power frequency withstand voltage(phase to ground) 45kV/1min
Partial Discharge <3PC
Impulse voltage 105kV
DC withstand voltage 52kV/15min

Typical wiring scheme

Ordinary four branch cable branch box structure diagram

Installation diagram

1.Socket 2.Stud Bolf 3.Plug 4.Wireear 5.Gasket 6.Spring washer

7.Silicone Rubber Connector 8.Stuu Bolt 9.Nut 10.Lockages

11.Cone 12.Earfhing wire 13.Paste

Stress cone number Cable surface Core insulation diameter
5002 25-35 14.8-19.2
5003 50-95 17.0-24.3
5005 120-240 22.4-33.6
5410 300-400 30.9-36.1

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