High Voltage Outdoor Transformer Box Substation

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YBW35KV high voltage outdoor compact transformer substation is a complete set of products integrating voltage switchgear, transformer and low voltage distribution equipment. As a power  transformation and distribution equipment in urban buildings, living quarters, medium sized factories, mines and oil fields, it has the characteristics of strong package, small size, compact structure, high reliability, small field installation workload, short installation period and portability, it can change its appearance and color appropriately to adapt to the environment and beautify the environment, it is substitute product of urban and rural civil power transformation and distribution stations and a new complete set of equipment for urban network construction and reconstruction .

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Use environmental conditions

1. Altitude: ≤1000m
2. Ambient temperature: +40℃ to – 25℃
3. Relative humidity: Daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%
4. Abnormal severe vibration or impact
5. Environment for installation: Outdoor, no fire or explosion danger, no corrosive gas or dust, no sharp impact.


1. The box shell is designed according to the actual situation with reference to foreign advanced technology, and it has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, stable performance, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, small animal prevention, beautiful appearance, etc. There are many choices of shell materials, such as steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate, etc.
2. There are high-voltage switchgear such as xgn15, hxgn17 or kyn28a and other equipment in the high-voltage room for high-voltage incoming line, high-voltage metering and high-voltage outgoing line. The high-voltage side can be arranged with ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply and other power supply modes, and high-voltage metering elements can also be installed to meet the requirements of high-voltage metering. The main switch is generally load switch or vacuum circuit breaker, with compact and reasonable structure and perfect anti misoperation function.
3. There are low-voltage switchgear such as GGD, GCS or MNS and other equipment in the low-voltage room for low-voltage incoming line, reactive compensation and low-voltage outgoing line. The low-voltage side adopts the panel type or cabinet mounted structure to form the power supply scheme required by the user, which can meet the power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive compensation, electric energy metering and other functions. The main switch generally adopts the universal circuit breaker or the intelligent circuit breaker, which is flexible in installation and simple in operation.
4. The transformer in the transformer room can use the fully sealed oil immersed transformer or dry-type transformer. The oil immersed transformer can be S9, S11, S13 or SH15, and the dry-type transformer can be scb10, scb11, SGB10 or scbh15. According to the actual needs of customers, it can be configured freely, which has the advantages of more selectivity and flexibility.
5. The cover of the box is designed with double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastics, which has good heat insulation function. The transformer room is equipped with anti condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices. A dust-proof device is arranged on the position of the door sheet and the louver outside the side plate.

Arrangement diagram


Load switch parameter

Model Rated voltage Rated capacity Change
SZ7 35KV 400-20000KVA 35/10. 35/
SZ9 35KV 400-20000KVA 35/10. 35/6.3.35/0.4

Wiring diagram


35KV Side primary diagram


Project case

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