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YB series European Prefabricated outdoor transformer box substation is used new technology and advanced components as well as high low voltage automation technology, the high voltage 12KVcan meeting the demand of power department for power distribution automation and the low voltage 0.4KV can meet the demand of intelligent community property management. And the upper monitor which is located in the central station or the property management department can be used for four-remote system management. When several intelligent box substations connect into “hand-in -hand” ring network and supply power combined with autonomous software can accomplish the functions of automatic location. Fault clearance. Load shifting and network reconfiguration at the fault section. So that the recovery of power transmisson is guaranteed in one minute.

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YBW35KV environment-frienly combined substation is a complete set of products integrating voltage switchgear,transformer and low-voltage distribution equipment.As a power transformation and distribution equipment in urban building,living quarters,medium-sized factories ,mines and oil fields,it has characterristics of strong package,small size,compact structure,high relibility,small field installation workload,short installation period,and portability,etc.It can change its appearance and color appropriately to adapt to the environment and beautify the enviroment.It is a substitute product of urban and rural civil power tranformation and distribution stations and a new complete of equipment for urban network construction reconstruction.

Model and meaning

Use environmental conditions


◇Ambient temperature:+40℃-25℃;

◇Ralative humidity:Daily average≤95%,monthly average≤90%;

◇Abnormal severe vibration or impact;

◇Environment for installation:mdoor,no fire or explosion corrosive gas or dust,no sharp impact.

Nole:Please negotiate with us if your produnct is used beyond the range of above conditions.

Structural features

1.The substation consists of hich voltage switch room.low voltage switch room.relav protection room and transformer room.The shells of high-voltage switch room,low-voltage switch room and relay protection room can be made of aluminum alloy plate,steel plate or composite plate. The surface of aluminum alloy plate is anodized,which enhances the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy plate.Steel plates and steel structures are all treated by phosphating,and the composite plate has the characteristics of bright color, beautiful appearance, heat insulation and flame retardance.The transformer room is not provided witha closed shell structure,but is provided with a safety net cover. which is beneficial to ventilation and heat dissipation of the transformer and can ensure personal and equipment safety.
2.HV switch compartment: The HV switch compartment can be mounted with JYN1-35 switchgear or 35KV load switch Aerial cable types available for mounting 35kVinlet wire.
3.LV switch compartment
a. when it is 10kV at low voltage sidethe LV switch compartment can be mounted with XGN2-10,KZNI-12 switchgear,HXGNII-1OF,HXGN26-(10F)Ring main unit.
b.when it is 0.4kV at LVswitch compartment(no preparation of LVswitch gear in consideration of space saving) can be series mounted with DW15T series,ME series and F frame type circuit breaker as well asDZ20 series,CM series,H series and S series molded case air circuit breaker.
4.Power off protection compartment the power off protection compartment is mounted with AC panelDC panelsignal panel protection panel.motion contro panel(RTU),carrier wave machine panel or optical fiber termination set.
Note: This transformer substation can adopt general relay protection,also microcomputer based integrated automatic control system is available on request.
5.Refer to the plan layout and vertical plane layout of transformer of 35KV.

Plane,elevation layout

Technical parameters of load switch

Model Raled voltage(kV) Rated capacity(KVA) Change(KV/KV)
Sz7 35 400-20000 35/10,35/6.3,35/0.4
Sz9 35 400-20000 35/10,35/6.3,35/0.4

Typical (primary) wiring diagram

35KV side Primary diagram


◇This type of combined transformer substation only requires reinforced concrete foundation outdoor.

◇Transformer compartment、35kV switch compartment,10kV or 0.4KV switch compartment are all individual output units and are assembled on site,inlet and outlet of power supply.

◇Inlet and outlet of power supply hava overhead and cable modes for selecting please select select according to requirements and give clear indication when placing the order.

Transportation and storage

When the combined type transformer substation is (shipped),it should be divided into several parts for easy transportation.If it has been equipped with SF6 circuit breaker,please discharge it to zero pressure gauge before disconnect.This product should be stored in draughty free from corrosive gas.

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