European Prefabricated Outdoor Transformer Box Substation

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YB series European Prefabricated outdoor transformer box substation is used new technology and advanced components as well as high low voltage automation technology, the high voltage 12KVcan meeting the demand of power department for power distribution automation and the low voltage 0.4KV can meet the demand of intelligent community property management. And the upper monitor which is located in the central station or the property management department can be used for four-remote system management. When several intelligent box substations connect into “hand-in -hand” ring network and supply power combined with autonomous software can accomplish the functions of automatic location. Fault clearance. Load shifting and network reconfiguration at the fault section. So that the recovery of power transmisson is guaranteed in one minute.

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The Main technical parameters

Item Unit High voltage electrical equipment Transformer Low voltage electrical equipment
Rated voltage KV 7.2~12 6/0.4,  10/0.4 0.4 
Rated capacity KVA Type:200-1250
Rated current A 200~630 100~3000
Rated breaking current A Load switch 400-630A 15-63
KA Combined electrical equipment is dependent on fuse
Rated short time withstand current KA(XS) 20x(2) 200-400KVA 15×1
(12.5×4) 400KVA 30×1 
Rated peak withstand current KA 31.5, 50 200-400KVA 30 
400KVA 63
Rated making current KA 31.5, 50
Power frequency withstand voltage KV Phase to earth and phase similar 32 ,40 Oil immersed:35/5min ≤300V 2KV
Isolated fracture 34,38 Dry type :28/5min 300,600V. 2.5KV
Lighting impact KV Phase to earth and phase similar 60, 75 75
Isolated fracture 75. 85 75
Noise level dB Oil immersed:<55
Dry : <65
Protection level IP23D
Outline dimension As capacity and form of transformer . Different dimension selected

Box substation Dimensions

No. Box type Outline dimension(mm) Structure type Operation Mode


Flat top type 3000x1600x2200 Frame Single side outdoor operation
3200x2200x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
3700x2300x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
4000x2500x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
4300x2500x2500 Frame Double side operation
4700x2500x2500 Frame Double side operation
5300x2500x2500 Frame Double side operation
6300x2500x2700 Frame Double side operation
8000x2500x2700 Frame Double side operation
2  Spire type 3200x2200x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
3200x2500x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
3600x2300x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
4300x2300x2500 Frame Double side operation
4500x2300x2500 Frame Double side operation
3 Sloping peaked type 3500x2000x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation
4 Semi open type 2800x1800x2500 Frame Single side outdoor operation

Installation diagram


High voltage and low voltage main circuit common scheme


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