Massive Selection for Mount Waterproof Metal Steel IP65 Standard Customized Outdoor Box Accept Enclosure Customized Electrical Box

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YBW35KV high voltage outdoor compact transformer substation is a complete set of products integrating voltage switchgear, transformer and low voltage distribution equipment. As a power  transformation and distribution equipment in urban buildings, living quarters, medium sized factories, mines and oil fields, it has the characteristics of strong package, small size, compact structure, high reliability, small field installation workload, short installation period and portability, it can change its appearance and color appropriately to adapt to the environment and beautify the environment, it is substitute product of urban and rural civil power transformation and distribution stations and a new complete set of equipment for urban network construction and reconstruction .

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Widely used in urban power grid transformation,residential districts,commercial centers and other densely populated areas.

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◇Prefabricated live touchable silicone rubber cable headfully sealedfully insulated,maintenance free,reliable guarantee of personal safety;
◇Compact structure,small and beautiful appearance,stainless,steel double box,the service life of up to 20 years;
◇Under the premise of not affecting the operation of the main net work,realize regional outage maintenance and reduce the scope of power outage;
◇Can be equipped with one or more SF6 load switches.The wiring is flexible and diverse, with up to 8 loops in the branch outlet;
◇Optional arrester,short-circuit fault indicator,current limiting fuses,etc.,to meet the user’s various requirements.

The main technical parameters

No. Name Parameter
1 Rated voltage 12kV
2 Rated current 630A
3 Frequency withstand voltage(phase)to groumdl 42kV/min
4 Lighting impulse withstand voltage 75kV
5 Rated breaking current 630A
6 Rated short-circuit opening and closing current(peak) 50kA
7 Rated short-time withstand current 25kA/4s
8 Rated peak withstand current 50kA
9 Rated breaking caoacitor current 45A
10 Rated breaking inductor current 16A
11 Full load breaking frequency >100
12 Switching and closing machine operation times 2000

Typical wiring schme

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