Factory Cheap Hot Made in China Hws-0.4kv Low Voltage Cable Branch Box

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JP series stainless steel distribution cabinets are excellent high-performance solutions for outdoor power distribution needs. This innovative device combines metering, outgoing and reactive power compensation to give you a fully integrated solution with cutting-edge features such as short circuit, overload and leakage protection.  Although the JP series has many functions, it is small in size, exquisite in appearance and strong in practicability. Designed for installation on the pole of an outdoor transformer, the cabinet’s cost-effectiveness and practicality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize their outdoor operations. With the JP Series you get maximum safety, maximum convenience and unrivaled efficiency.

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Structural features

◇Silicon rubber prefabricated connerctor structure,full insulation,full seal;
◇With functions of proofing the dust,water and corrosion,it is suitable for indoor and outdoor various environment;
◇Strong extendability,the inlet and outlet wires from 2 circuits to 8 circuits can be combined flexibly to meet various requirements for connection;
◇Maintenance free,small volume,compact structure,convenient installation,nice appearance;
◇Unique stress cone structure,integrated with silicon rubber structure can control the stress of electric field at the cutting of cable external shield;
◇The product has two selections:non-touchable CJB and touchable CJK.

DFW2-12/630 Touchable cable distributon box attachment

Fig.2 High voltage charged displayc

Normal use environment

Our exceptional stainless steel distribution cabinets provide high performance solutions for all your outdoor power distribution needs.  The JP Series is a fully integrated solution combining metering, outgoing and reactive power compensation, all with advanced features such as short circuit, overload and leakage protection to ensure optimum performance.  Designed for pole installation on outdoor transformers, the JP range is practical and economical, offering maximum safety, convenience and efficiency. Compact in size, sophisticated in appearance and great in functionality, this cabinet is perfect for any outdoor setting, giving you all the power and protection you need. Additionally, the JP Series has been engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, with temperatures ranging from -25°C to +40°C, relative humidity levels up to 90%, and altitudes up to 2000 meters. For best results, the JP Series should be installed where there is no severe vibration, shock or corrosive gases. Choose the JP Series for a reliable, high performance outdoor power distribution solution.

The main technical parameters

Rated voltage(kV) Long term wrbing wlfoge(kV) Rated current(A) Rated mouing stability current(peak)(Hz) Rated frequency(A) kA Rated thermal stability current kV Power frequency withstand voltage kV Lighting impulse withstand voltage
10 15 630 50 20/25 50 45 150
Contact resistance ℃ Working temperature of cpnductor Partial discharge PC/kV Dampness test kV/h Applicable cable type mm² Applicable cable sectional area ℃ Applicable environment temperature m Applicable altitude
≤40 ≤95℃ ≤10PC/13kV 11kV/100h pass XLPE 5025-400mm² 40℃~50℃ ≤3000m

DFW2-12/630 Common scheme number

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