XGN66-12 Fixed Metal Enclosed High Voltage Switchgear Electrical Cabinet

Short Description:

XGN66-12 fixed metal-enclosed switchgear  is used for receiving and distributing electric energy in 3.6, 7.2, 12kv three-phase AC 50Hz systems, suitable for frequent operation occasions, and its busbar system is a single busbar (and can be derived single bus with bypass and double bus structure). The switchgear meets the requirements of the national standard IEC60298 (3-35kv AC metal-enclosed switchgear) and has two proposed “five-proof” locking functions.

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Product use conditions

1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m
2. Ambient temperature:-25℃ to +40℃
3. Horizontal inclination is not more than 3 degree
4. Seismic intensity shall not exceed grade 8
5. There is no dangerous place for violent vibration, impact and explosion

Functions and characteristics

1. The cabinets is welded with high quality angle steel
2. The circuit breaker room is located in the middle (lower)part of the cabinet, which is convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance VS1 circuit breaker is equipped as standard and pressure relief channel is provided to ensure personal safety
3. The leading and reliable rotary isolating switch can safely enter the circuit breaker room for maintenance when the main bus is electrified
4. The protection level of the whole cabinet is IP2X
5. There is a reliable and fully function mandatory mechanical locking, which can simply and effecively meet the requirements of Five preventions
6. Reliable grounding system
7. The door is equipped with an observation window, which can clearly observe the working state of the components inside the cabinet
8. Incoming and outgoing cables are lower than the front of the cabinet which is convenient for users to connect

Dimension drawing of product


1. Door
2. Lamp
3. Window
4. Operatiing hand
5. Small door
6. Instrument door
7. Top
8. Bus wall busing
9. Bolt
10. Gasket
11. Gasket
12. Nut

13. Isolating switch
14. Pull rod
15. Gland plate
16. Current transformer
17. Vacuum circuit breaker
18. Isolating switch
19. Sensor
20. Bolt
21. Gasket
22. Gasket
23. Frame
24. Lightning arrester

Main technical parameters of vacuum circuit breaker

No. Project Unit Technical parameter
1. Rated voltage KV 3.6 ,  7.2, 12
2. Rated power frequency withstand voltage KV Ground. interphase:42. fracture:48
3. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage KV Ground . interphase:75 .Fracturre:85
4. Rated frequency Hz 50
5. Rated current A 630 . 1250
6. Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20 . 25, 31.5
7. Rated short-circuit breaking closing current KA 50,63,80
8 Rated dynamic stable current KA 50,63,80
9 The rated thermal stability current  4S KA 20,25,31.5
10 Protection grade   IP2X
11 Dimensions mm 900x1000x2000
12 Weight kg ≈600

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