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JP series stainless steel distribution cabinets are excellent high-performance solutions for outdoor power distribution needs. This innovative device combines metering, outgoing and reactive power compensation to give you a fully integrated solution with cutting-edge features such as short circuit, overload and leakage protection.  Although the JP series has many functions, it is small in size, exquisite in appearance and strong in practicability. Designed for installation on the pole of an outdoor transformer, the cabinet’s cost-effectiveness and practicality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize their outdoor operations. With the JP Series you get maximum safety, maximum convenience and unrivaled efficiency.

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JP series outdoor integrated distribution box is an outdoor integrated distribution device integrating metering,outgoing line and reactive power compensation.It has the function of short circuit,overload,overvoltage,leakage protection,etc.It is small in size,beautiful in appearance,economical and practical.It is installed on the pole of outdoor transformer and is an ideal distribution product for urban and rutal power grid reconstruction.

Type meaning


Normal use environment

◇Ambient temperature:-25℃~+40℃;

◇Air relative humidity:daily average value is not than 90%,and monthly average value is not more than 90%’;

◇Altitude:no more than 2000m;

◇Installation in places without violent vibration and impact and corrosive gas.

Design features

The box structure is divided into vertical and horizontal.The shell is made of 2mm high-quaility stainless steel plate and bent by multiple folding process(or made of honeycomb structure stainless steel double sandwich composite plate with flame retardant,environmental protection,heat insulation,anti-condensation and other properties).The special stainless steel welding process is adopted.After the box is formed,the overall strength is high,and the surface is bright and clean as a mirror,leaving no weld trace;Internal installation beams(plates) are treated by not dip galvanizing process to ensure no corrosion within 20 years;The front and rear doors of the box body are opened to facilitate the user’s operation and maintenance.The doors are surrounded by high-elastic aging-resistant sealing strips.Each door is equipped with light and dark door device;The side of the box body is provided with with rain-proof and foreign matter-proof incoming cable penetrating pipes,the bottom is punched with ventilation holes and cable outlet holes,and the top is provided with ventilation ducts and silk screens,which have waterproof,rust-proof,dust-proof and foreign matter-proof funtions,amd the protection grade is IP54.

Main technical parameters

No. Name Unit Parameter
1 Transformer capacity



2 Rated voltage



3 Operating voltage of auxiliary  loop


AC220 .AC380

4 Rated frequency



5 Rated current



6 Rated leakage current


30 -300

7 IP


Scheme diagram of main circuit

Overall dimensions of box

overall dimensions of horizontal box

Transformer capacity Scheme number L W H
30~100kVA 01、06 800 450 700
30~250kVA 02、04、07、09 900 500 700
100~400kVA 03、05、08、10 1100 600 800

Overall dimensions of vertical box

Transformer capacity Scheme number L W H
30~100kVA 01、06 600 450 1000
30~250kVA 02、04、07、09 700 500 1000
100~400kVA 03、05、08、10 800 600 1000

Schematic diagram of box structure

Figure 1:Schematic diagram of outdoor box structure(horizontal)

1.The incoming cable passes through the pipe  2.Door lock  3.Door lock rainproof box  4.Door lock(secret lock)

5.Current sransformer  6.Meter  7.Junction box  8.Capacitor  9.Switch capacitor contactor  10.Small circuit breaker

11.Zero sequence transformer  12.Leakage relay  13.Outgoing AC contactor  14.Outlet air switch

Figure 2:Schematic diagram of outdoor box structure(vertical)


Scheme diagram of main circuit

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