Supply ODM 630A, Switchgear Vessel Gas Filled in Load Switch Breaker Solution Rmu

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XGN-12 series unit type AC metal closed ring network high voltage switchgear electrical cabinet  is a fully insulated, fully sealed, and maintenance-free solid insulated vacuum switchgear. All high-voltage live parts are molded with epoxy resin material with excellent insulation performance, and the vacuum interrupter, main conductive circuit, insulating support, etc. are organically combined into a whole, and the functional units are connected by a fully insulated solid busbar. Therefore, the entire switchgear is not affected by the external environment, and the reliability of the operation of the device and the safety of the operator can be ensured. Because the product has the advantages of full insulation, full sealing, and full shielding, it is especially suitable for use in areas with high altitude, high temperature, mixed heat, severe cold, and severe pollution.

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Since 1950s,the development of medium voltage switchgear has gone through open,box and metal closed stages. There is no problem in meeting the functional requirements of the equipment,and the products have already been serialized and the scope of use has been fully covered.The environment-friendly gas insulated ring network cabinet with small sizemaintenance-free,high modularity, safety and reliability has developed rapidly,which can realize remote monitoringcontrol and management of power system distribution network, and realize the needs of power grid optimization,electricity safety,power management,energy savingand consumption reduction;At the same time,the system can be widely used in intelligent power distribution fieldssuch astransportation,factories,hospitals,schools, buildings residential quarters and commercial office buildings.
XCHBN-12  energy-saving and environment-friendly all-insulated ring network cabinet has fully introduced leading production equipment and manufacturing technology,realized localized productiongreatly reduced manufacturing cost and shortened delivery cycle and was well received by users afterits launch

Product features

Functional composite and integrated products
The inflatable shell of switch equipment is madeof high-quality stainless steel plate with thickness of 25mm by laser welding, which ensures the sealing rellability of air box,high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance,and the protection level of inflatable shelt reaches P67;The gas box is equipped with explosion-proofmembrane,which can effectively prevent the damage to people and equipment when the air pressure is too high: Sealing all conductive parts in the air box can notonlyavoid the influence of extenal environmental factors but also improve the operation reliability,so that it has the function ofmaintenance-free(or less maintenanceand can also meet the requirements of miniaturization.
The switch adopts three stations(isolation+grounding)+vacuum arc extinguishing chamberwhich is the most mature configuration mode at present,especially suitable for the current power grid operation and maintenance requirements.
Environmental protection and no pollution
The insulating medium of XCHBN-12series inflatablecabinets is zero-grade dryair(purchasedor 99.99% pure N2 conforming to GB/8979-2008.The leakage of gas will not cause any impact on the external environmentand no recovery treatment is needed.
Complete mechanical chain
The operating panel of XCHBN-12 series inflatable cabinet has perfect five-prevention mechanical interlockine function. and all interlocking functions have been configured internallyPlease operate according to the operating instructions in order to make it very convenientto use.
Flexible and expanded design
XCHBN-12 series inflatable cabinets are modular in design,andvarious modules can becombined with various units through special bus connectors,so as to meet the complexand diverse power distribution design schemes in various places in China to the maximum extent.

product mix

1. Ammeter
3.Capacitive live indicator The live indicator shows whether the casing is live, and the three sockets below the indicatorcan beused for secondary nuclear phase. The live indicator is provided with a switch button,which effectively prolongs the service life.
4. Fault indicator Detect the current in the power supply line and give an alarm indication when short-circuit fault current and ground faultcurrent appear
5.Isolate the observation windowThroughthisobservation window,you can see the opening and closingofthegrounding switch and whether the isolating switch is closing or opening
6.Grounding switch operation hole Use theoperating handle to tum the operating shaft of the grounding switch to open and close the grounding
7.Main switch energy storage indication Observingtheenergy storage indication of the main switchcangrasp the energystoraze situation of the operating mechanism of the main switch
8.Energy storage operation hole Use the operating handle to rotate the shaft of the energy storage mechanismso that the main switch operating mechanism can store energy.
9.Padlock device for energy storageoperation hole The padlock plate linked with the padlock device shields the energystorage operation hole, and the operation handle can be inserted into the operation hole only bytoeelingthe padlockdevicePadiocks can be configured when not in operation to prevent unauthorized personnel from misoperation
10.counter indication Indicates the cumulative opening and closing times of the main switch operating mechanism.

11.Cable room door
12.Remote/local conversion switch Theremote/localconversion switch is used to realize the conversion ofcontrol mode between local control and backeround control
13.Isolated lighting button The switch ofillumination lamp is controlled by the illumination button of observation window.
14Analog circuit diagram Indicates whether the main switchand grounding switch are on or off
15.barometer Displays the air pressure inside the air box relative to the outside.

16.operating hole ofisolatingswitch.The isolating switch can be opened and closed byturningthe operating shaft of the isolatingswitch with the operating handle17.padlock device for isolating switchoperation hole and grounding switch operation hole The padlock plate linked by padlock device blocks the grounding switchoperation hole or isolation operation hole and only by toggling the padlock device can the operation handle be inserted into the grounding switch operation hole or isolation switch operation holePadlocks can be configured when not in operation toprevent unauthorized personnel from misoperation.

18. the main switch closing button The main switch can be closed by the closing button
19.main switch opening button The main switch can be opened by openingbutton
20.Cabinet door interlocking device The cable room door is interlocked with the groundingswitchWhentheinterlocking mechanism is installedthe cable room door can only be opened when the grounding switch is in the grounding closing position and the cabinet door is interlocked and pulled to theunlocking position.After the cabinet door is openedthe switch cannot be operated
21.cable room observation window


Model and meaning

Note:the enterprise model is defined as follows

XCHBN-E-V:scalable circuit breaker scheme

XCHBN-E-C:scalable load switch scheme

XCHBN-E-T:expandable load switch-fuse combination electricalappliance scheme

XCHBN-V/C/C:non-expandable circuit breaker+load switch+load switch three-unit common box scheme

Operational environment

Altitude:<2000m(installation altitude exceeds 2000m);
Ambient temperature: Maximum temperature:40℃:Minimum temperature:40℃;The average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed 35℃;
Ambient humidity:the average relative humidity within 24hours does not exceed 95%;The average monthly relative humidity does not exceed 90%;
Installation environment:there is no explosive and corrosive sas in the surrounding airand there is no severe vibration impact in the installation site:
Seismic cracking degree:8 degrees

According to standards

Common technical requirements ofGB/T11022-2011 high voltage switchgear and control equipment standard
GB3906-2006 3.6kv~40.5kVACmetaenclosed switcheear and
control equipment
GB1984-2014 highvoltageAC circuit breaker
GB3804–2004 3.6 kv~40.5kvhigh voltage AC load switch
GB16926-2009 high voltage AC load switch-fuse combination electrical appliance
GB1985-2014 high voltage ACisolating switch and grounding switch Mechanical test of high voltage switchgear at room temperature
DL/T404-20073.6kV~40.5kVACmetalenclosed switchgear and control equipment

JB/T3855-2008 3.6 kV~40.5 kV Indoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
GB4208-2008 enclosure protection level(IP code)
GB/T4205-2010man-machineinterface(MMI)-operatingrules GB/T6388-1986 marks of receipt and delivery of transport packages
GB9969-2008general instructionsfor industrial products
GB/T13384-2008 general technical conditions for packaging of mechanicalandelectricalproducts
GB/T14436-1993general principles of industrial product guarantee documents
GB/T191-2008 graphic signs ofpackagingstorage and transportation

Technical parameter

Table of main technical parameters of  XCHBN-12 series environment protection gas insulated ring network swichgear

Project Unit Circuit breaker Load switch
Nominal voltape kv 12 12
Rated current A 630 630
Rated frequency Hz 50 50
Rated insulation level  lmin power frequency withstand voltage (phase-to-phase and relative ground) kv 42 42
1min power frequency
withstand voltage (isolated fracture)
48 48
Power frequency withstand voltage (control and auxiliary circult) 2 2
 Lightning impulse withstand voltage (interphase and relative ground) 75 75
 Lightning impulse withstand voltage (isolated fracture) 85 85
Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20 -
Rated short-circult closing current KA 50 50
Rated short-term withstand current KA 20 20
Rated short-circuit duration s 4 4
Rated peak withstand curent KA 50 50
Transfer current/transfer current A - -
Rated operating sequence - O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
Rated inflation pressure (gauge pressure at 20℃) Mpa 0.02
Minimum functional pressure(gauge
pressure at 20℃)
Mpa 0
Pressure release device releases pressure
(gauge pressure at 20℃)
Mpa 0.16
Annual air leakage rate - ≤0.16
Mechanical life 10000 10000
Main circuit resistance μΩ ≤150 ≤150

The above parameters meet the technical specifications of Class ll grounding system of 12kV ring network switchgear of State Grid corporation.China Southern Power Grid Corporation and Jianesu Electric Power Company,and are fully compatible with different neutral grounding methods.With XCHBN-12 serial 12kV cable accessories,three cable connection combinations or two cables plus one lightning arrester connection combination can be realized.Remarks:Classneutral point grounding system with low resistance;Class ii: system with neutral point grounded or ungroundedvia arc suppression coil.

Basic unit scheme

The load switch unit C
Standard configuration and features:
630A bus
Vacuum load switch
Manual operating mechanism of vacuum load switch
Three-station isolating switch
Manual operating mechanism of three-station isolating switch
Position indicator of load switch and three-station isolating switch Cable connecting sleeve
Capacitive voltage indicator showing the electrification of bushing Pressure gage
Padlock device
Grounding bus bar
Operating handle

Optional configurations and features:
Electric operating mechanism of vacuum load switch
Short circuit and ground fault indicator
Detachable connector(cable joint)
Lightning arrester
Live grounding locking device for incoming line
Mechanical interlocking device of key Ring current transformer

V Vacuum circuit breaker unit V

Standard configuration and features:
Bus 630A/1250A
Vacuum switch
Electric operating mechanism of vacuum switch
Three-station isolating switch
Manual operating mechanism of three-station isolating switch
Position indicator of vacuum switch and three-station isolating switch Cable connecting sleeve
Capacitive voltage indicator showing the electrification of bushing Pressure gage
Padlock device
Grounding bus bar
Operating handle Current transformer(special for protection)
Digital relay protection device

Optional configurations and features:
Short circuit and ground fault indicator
Detachable connector(cablejoint)
Lightning arrester
Live grounding locking device for incoming line
Mechanical interlocking device of key
Annular current transformer and meter

Brief introduction of core components technoligy-main switch design

a、Simple primary circuit design,uniform electric field distribution structure,no need for more composite insulation,and spacious air box space to meet good heat dissipation and convection;
b、The recyclable environment-friendly thermoplastic material with high mechanical strength and excellent heat resistance is usedand the epoxy pouring vacuum interrupter frame is replaced by the three-phase integral vacuum interrupter frame formed by one-time injection molding,which has many advantages such as simple structureuniform field strength,good insulation performancehigh production efficiency, less adjustmenteasyassembly and so on;
c、Low pressure,large spacethe normal inflation gauge pressure is 0.02MPa,and the lowest functional pressure is zero gauge pressure;

Appearance and related dimensions

Overroll dimensions of XCHBN-12-V/C

Overall dimensions of XCHBN-12-CVV

Dimension A:

unit A
1Road 420
2Road 840
3Road 1260

Note:It is determined according to unit type and quantity


Installation related dimensions