ZW32-12 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZW32-12 Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a new generation of intelligent vacuum circuit breaker on the column developed by our company, integrating advanced technology at home and abroad, taking advantage of the strength of many families, adopting a new design concept and using high -tech means. The product can be used as the switch of 10kV side and 10kV outlet of main transformer of 35kV substation, as well as the switch on the column of distribution network. It can easily realize control, protection, measurement and communication when combined with various control units produced by the company. It is the preferred equipment for realizing automation and miniaturization of distribution network.

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1. Magnetic (permanent magnet) mechanism, so that a large number of parts, closing power greatly reduced, stable and reliable, no regular maintenance. Ensure that the operation sequence of the reclosing device (t1-0.3s, t2-3s, t3 -3S, latching) is successfully completed.
2. Using imported outdoor epoxy as external insulation material, light weight, long life, good weather resistance, no oil, no SF6, meet the requirements of environmental protection.
3. The advanced DSP chip, set control, protection, measurement, communication in the body, so that the system has advanced design, super function.
4. Adopt integrated sensor technology to realize the on-line monitoring of the device.
5. Adopt synchronous closing technology to realize synchronous closing of circuit breaker and effectively suppress operating overvoltage and inrush current.
6. Flexible communication mode, support general wireless packet service (GPRS), support Chinese and English short message.
7. Sampling up to 128 points per week and fast FFT transform provide high-speed and high-precision data from fundamental wave to 19th harmonic wave for line measurement and protection.
8. With fast protection function, make the distribution network in the absence of master station cooperation, also can automatically complete isolation and restore power supply, greatly improve the reliability of power supply.
9. Online judgment of single-phase grounding fault and warning or tripping can be realized without additional configuration
10. Adopting temperature measurement and temperature correction technology, the device can achieve high accuracy under various temperature conditions.
11. Specially designed power management module can provide automatic conversion of 2 auxiliary power input lines (AC1 10V or AC220V), monitor the battery and control the battery charging voltage and charge and discharge power.
12. Friendly interface, full Chinese display, easy to set up.
13. All stainless steel manufacturing, no rust, really maintenance free.

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